At the Batipa Field Institute real conservation and sustainability projects are linked to local and regional landscapes and communities. Our programs are embedded within the BFI Study Region (SR)  and linked together with local partners and stakeholders including the Ngöbe Bugle indigenous people of Plan de Chorcha.  We know that gaining experience working on real conservation and sustainability projects provides the highest quality learning opportunities for those who would seek to be leaders in conservation and sustainability related fields. Field-based learning and research in the neo-tropics simply cannot be duplicated in the world’s classrooms. The BFI SR abridges the full altitudinal change within Chiriquí and spans many ecosystems and habitats as well as displaying the cultural diaspora between modern Panamanian society and historic indigenous culture. Through service learning, BFI offers researchers and students a chance to make tangible contributions to the conservation of biodiversity and to incentivize environmentally sustainable livelihoods, while building valuable skills and knowledge for a career in environmental sciences.